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What riders are saying about Truitt...

What other riders and the media are saying about Truitt Motorcycle Education:

Truitt on SoundRider Radio Show

SoundRider asks about our services


SoundRider Jan '16

I sat down with SoundRider's Derek and Tom to talk about ride coaching and maintenance lessons.

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The two sides of Truitt

Motorcycle Education in two flavors


SoundRider Nov'15

There are those of us who know the importance of continually improving our riding skills. And there are those of us who enjoy the benefits of saving money by doing most of our own level one and two maintenances at home.

Perhaps you fall into one or both categories. And perhaps you’d like to improve on what you already know.

For more than two decades, Jesse Murphy has been instructing riders in both categories. He often presents maintenance clinics in the Pacific Northwest as well as provides riding instruction on a one-on-one basis.

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Letter From a Confident New Rider

September 2012


Dear Jesse:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the series of private motorcycle lessons you conducted with me over the past few months.  As you know, since you were my instructor for the Motorcycle Safety Foundations Basic Rider Course, passing the course and obtaining a 

license endorsement is just the being for new riders like myself.  The key is to safely and successfully transfer that learning to the street and real world traffic situations.  The on-the-road instruction and street strategies you’ve provided has boosted my understanding and riding confidence immensely.  I would enthusiastically recommend to any new motorcyclist, that they consider your course of instruction as a means to grow and improve their riding skills and situational awareness.  I look forward to working with you further as I prepare to take the MSF Advanced Rider Course in the 



All The Best,


A Confident New Rider

Woman kick-starts her dream of becoming a motorcyclist

Seattle Times Aug '13


Higher learning
With "use it or lose it" in mind, I enrolled in Evergreen's daylong Additional Riding Course two weeks later. Eight hours of instruction from Zen-like professional rider and mechanic Jesse Murphy was worth the time and $100.

Murphy patiently explained the technical voodoo behind concepts like "the zero point" and clutch control. Spending the extra time on these areas erased the stalling issues I'd had, ensuring smooth starts and stops.


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